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Student Services Counselors

We encourage our students' parents to be involved in their success in our classrooms. Please feel free to call or email your students' teacher(s) with specific concerns for your students' success. If you would like to schedule a parent/teacher conference, please call our Student Services office at (407) 320-5111 for students on our main campus and (407) 320-8212 for our students on the Ninth Grade Center.

Ms. Cindy Nelson

Student Services Administrator

(407) 320-5102

Email Ms. Nelson

Mrs. Kay Williamson
Student Services Director

10th-12th grade Traditional
Last Names Lo-Ri

(407) 320-5117

Email Ms. Williamson

Ms. Leslie Mulet

10th–12th Health Academy

(407) 320-5064

Email Ms. Mulet

Ms. Cori Frye

10th-12th International Baccalaureate

Cori Frye

(407) 320-5224

Email Ms. Frye

Mrs. Marie Buchanan

9th grade Last Names A-K

(407) 320-8260

Email Ms. Buchanan

Ms. Kimberly Jackson

9th grade Last Names L - Z

(407) 320-8221

Email Ms. Jackson

Mrs. Stephanie Gabriel

10th -12th grade ESSS
9th grade ACCESS

(407) 320-5133

Email Mrs. Gabriel

Mrs. Emelda Lovett

10th-12th grade Traditional Last Names A-E

(407) 320-5119

Email Mrs. Lovett

Ms. Kelly Negron

10th-12th grade Traditional Last Names F-Ll

Kelly Negron

Email Ms. Negron

Dr. Shenique Gilbert

10th-12th grade Traditional Last Names N-V

(407) 320-5123

Email Dr. Gilbert