Senior Update regarding exams and graduation

Please CLICK HERE for a complete regarding your Exams & Graduation.

2018 Graduation Information

CLICK HERE to view the informative presentation shown on Senior Day. 

Senior Exams - May 15-18

Schedule for Seniors Final Week!!

- Tuesday, t May 15 Period 7

- Wednesday, t May 16 Periods 4 and 6
(Seniors leave after 6th period)

- Thursday, t May 17 Periods 3 and 5
(Seniors leave after 5th period)

- Friday, t May 18 Periods 1 and 2
(Seniors leave after 2nd period - Last Day:)

Senior Clearance Day - May 22

Tuesday, May 22; 8:00-10:00am in the Competition Gym. Seniors must come and clear all debts (if they have any) and pick up their Clearance Card. All seniors will receive a “clearance card” that they MUST bring as their entrance ticket into the graduation rehearsal.

Graduation Rehearsal - May 23

Graduation Rehearsal Wednesday, May 23 in the KWC Auditorium at 8:30 am.  Seniors MUST have their “clearance card” from Clearance Day, Tuesday, May 22 to enter. This rehearsal is MANDATORY.

Senior Survey

Every senior who is graduating MUST take this survey before Clearance Day, May 22 in order to receive their CLEARANCE card for Graduation rehearsal. It will take about 15 minutes and is part of senior's "debt". Please CLICK HERE for the survey.

Graduation - May 25

Friday, May 25 at 2:00 at the UCF Arena. Doors will open at 1:00. There are no tickets for this event and seating is not reserved.  Parking is $10 for family members. Students must arrive by 12:30 and will receive a parking pass to use.  Families will be screened through metal detectors prior to entering. Noise makers of any kind will not be allowed inside.  Please allow enough time to be screened and seated before the ceremony starts.  Any family required ADA assistance should contact Dr. Backel at least two weeks in advance.

Caps and gowns should have been ordered through Herff Jones by now. There will be a few available (no guarantee on sizing) for $120 cash only on Senior Day during the cap/gown distribution part of the day.

Dress Code for Graduation

Men: Long dark pants, dark socks, dark dress shoes, black/white dress shirt with a collar (tie optional)

Women: Shirt or blouse with skirt, dress, or slacks. Hijabs- not limited to black only. Dark-colored dress shoes. Keep in mind that you will be walking long distances for the processional, recessional, and receiving of your diploma. Select your shoes accordingly. 

Do not wear the following items: Jeans, shorts, tennis shoes, flip-flops, or other casual attire.

You may bring ONLY ONE KEY to the ceremony. No keys on keychains, purses/wallets, phones, etc. You WILL be searched upon entering and you WILL sent back to your car if you bring anything else inside the Arena. We will NOT hold your personal items for you during the ceremony.

Senior Lunch Form

Click here for Senior Lunch Form

Graduation DVD's, Streaming, & 2018 T-Shirts

DVD of the Graduation Ceremony is available from Diacom Productions. This is a professionally shot and edited DVD. If you would like to pre-order and get a 50% discount of the Seminole High School 2018 graduation on either DVD or Bluray, please go to the following link on Diacom Productions website:

Graduation will also be streamed live for family members who ae unable to attend the ceremony in person. The link will be available closer to the ceremony date.

2018 T-Shirts will be available on site at graduation. Each shirt has the 2018 graduate’s names on it and can be purchased for $20 in the lobby prior to entering the arena seating area. There is no pre-order available.