AP Administrator

Ms. Angel Turner

AP Coordinator

Mr. Carson Stone

Advanced Placement Program 2015-16

What is Advanced Placement?
The Advanced Placement Program exposes students to college-level courses and exams while still  in high school. Advanced Placement (AP) courses at Seminole High School are taught by trained AP teachers. Students who take these courses can earn both high school and college credit by making acceptable grades on the national AP exams in May. If a student receives a 3 or better on each national exam, he/she might be eligible for college credit while still in high school. With college costs averaging $15,000 a year, that’s quite a savings!  

What is an AP Course like?
AP Courses are college-level courses that require hard work and determination. They move quickly and rely on a student’s ability to use critical thinking and time management skills. Teachers of AP courses are trained to build success and inspire students.   What does it cost to take AP Courses? AP courses are free to students. Although students are provided with college-level textbooks, they may be asked to purchase additional materials and study guides.  Assistance will be available for students on free or reduced lunch.  

Who should take an AP Course?
Students who have traditionally done well in a particular subject area should consider an AP Course in that subject. Students must have strong reading, writing and critical thinking skills.  Successful students are also self-motivated, attend regularly, and employ good time management. Meeting with success in Advanced Placement courses requires strong academic habits. Following is a short list of the habits you should adopt in order to meet your goals.

Come to school every day, and report to each class on time.

Keep your work organized and make use of a calendar/planner to keep track of assignments and tests. Check Skyward regularly to stay informed of your progress.

Complete all homework! You are given homework to provide you with the kinds of skill practice and readings that will help you be successful. Take your homework seriously.

Be pro-active in seeking help from your teachers. If you ask, your teachers will assist you.

Make connections with other students in your class so you can study together or seek assistance when necessary.  

What should I expect when taking an AP Exam?
Exams vary for each class. Some exams include essay responses that ask students to respond to a prompt. Most include multiple-choice questions as well. Some courses also require a performance or portfolio. AP teachers spend the year preparing students for the national exam.  Seminole High School students who complete the AP Exam will receive weighted credit.

For more information, please view the AP Program brochure.