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Text Box: Computer Network login tip:

Teachers log into the SCPS domain.

Students log into the  INST domain.

Be sure the third line of your login screen contains the appropriate domain.  If not, change it.

Drug and Alcohol Driver’s Course Available online!

Click here for important information regarding emailed parent conference appointments from Mrs. Laura Loveland, ESE guidance secretary.

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Seminole County Public Schools

Text Box: FCAT  scores are in!! We are hopeful, and teachers feel good about the overall experience of student learning this year. The Reading Department is already focusing on the strategies and assessments for next year. Many of us are attending training. If you desire any training in reading, I am always available to serve. I can service you through providing information or PD training. Recent trainings in Lesson Study, PLCs, Dr. Kay Burke, and Dr. Bill McBride have made huge impacts to the teachers, and will be refined in the upcoming months. Some teachers are attending Kagan training this summer. As for our students, we hope that everyone is promoting summer reading. Reading lists, new books, and a PDF titled “100-day Pocket Read Challenge” are available to the students. 

SAT has come and gone. Many students are awaiting scores. Others pray the release of FCAT scores will bring promise. The students are scrambling to make up late assignments and others to ensure graduation. Tutoring is still taking place in the community. The West Boys & Girls Club is still providing academic support for students. UCF has released reading programs that are available to students to improve on specific reading components (phonological awareness, fluency, comprehension) or advance classes like speed reading. Some students still need help with test taking environments….prepare them or ask me how to do so!

FCAT Informational Text (IT) is a low opportunity with great difficulty for students. The IT component (reporting category) is tough and has a low opportunity to pass. The FAIR practice test has given as many as 6 questions for students to prepare. This is good if you are the student and do not wish to have another question added to your test….stress. For analysts, this is pass or fail. It is truly hard to measure or gauge the degree to which a student needs help when few questions (opportunities) are available. 
We want to share more exciting news of what Seminole is doing…the mentees for the Transitions Mentoring had an amazing trip to their job shadowing at David Maus!  Mr. Wicker thinks the students’ lives have been forever changed. Let’s go NOLES!!

A feature from the Reading Department and reading coach Renee Mills.  Dr. Mickey Reynolds is the department’s supervisor.


The Literacy Leadership Council is still seeking ideas to present in the upcoming meetings. The LLC has and is continuing to touch lives in the community well after the drive ended! JOIN US May 25th @3:00 meeting. Look for your email invite!!! We will get a jump on the summer read initiatives!   

By Renee Mills

SHS Reading Coach

Parent Conferences Are
Scheduled Through Zimbra
Required Summer Reading
For StudentsEdInsight Tip of the Week
Printing Student Reports3 Osprey Chicks Keep Parents BusyGraduation
May 29, 2012
9:00 AM
UCF Arena

Click the document above to get a printable copy

Photos by John Cullum

The Seminole Newspaper
Publishes Online Senior Wills

The editor of our own student-produced online newspaper, Krishnan Sethumadhavan, has included in the latest edition of The Seminole an online version of the traditional Senior Wills.  Click on the graphic to the left and then scroll down the page to find the Senior Wills.  To quote from The Seminole’s webpage, “Please keep in mind that all wills were voluntarily submitted by senior students and that minimal editing/revision was done in order to maintain authorial rights (and that the authors knew this prior to submitting their writing).”

Enjoy reading the last thoughts of the senior class as they prepare to leave SHS.

Time to Learn About Blackboard Learn (Blackboard 9)
FAQs About the New
FCAT Grading Process

Click on the items to the left to see frequently asked questions about the new grading scheme for the FCAT.  One document is in English, and the other is in Spanish.

Spanish translation

English translation

May 21 - 25, 2012

Three young ospreys are keeping their parents busy bringing them food, and former assistant principal John Cullum busy snapping photos.  Dr. Cullum has been tracking the progress of the osprey nest’s inhabitants each day at their location on a piling in Lake Monroe, across the street from the Caffe Di Riverwalk on Seminole Boulevard.


1) Go to Students tab to locate the desired student. Click on student number to access student details.

2) Along left side of the student detail screen, click on “student reports”.

3) Select the subject and total number of years of data to include. Click the check box next to any data you want to include in the report.


4) Click the View PDF Report button or Export to CSV (spreadsheet) and print report.

Student Reports are a great addition to any student conference and are customizable to contain the data you need. Some of the student data you can view on a student report include attendance, misconduct, course grades, FCAT, and district assessments.

EdInsight Tip of the Week from Jennifer Alman, EdInsight contact at ESC

The Seminole County school district is in the process of switching over from Blackboard 8 to Blackboard 9, also called Blackboard Learn.  Just what does this mean to teachers and students?


First, the website has changed.  The new Blackboard Learn server is located at http://bb.scps.k12.fl.us.  You won’t see a link to this site on the SCPS homepage for a while, but you can start using it if  you like. 


Second, the login credentials for the new Blackboard Learn are not the same as your login for the old Blackboard.  You will use your network login username and password - the same combo you use to get into your computer each day.  Students will continue to use their student ID and birthdate in YYYYMMDD format.


Third, if you have courses in the old Blackboard that you want to keep and use, you will need to transfer their course content over to a course shell in Blackboard Learn.  Instructions for this have been emailed to all faculty and staff.  The Professional Development department is offering a course this summer on how to do this; check it out in EIS. 

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