SCPS Programs Explanations & Instructions

August 22, 2020

SCPS Programs Explanations & Instructions

Parents and Students:

Below is a brief explanation of the most commonly used SCPS programs and sites.

Clever/The Portal: The site where all SCPS programs and sites are kept. Students will log onto Clever/The Portal and will access all SCPS programs and sites from Clever/The Portal. This site will keep students logged into all other SCPS programs and sites so students will not have to log into different SCPS sites repeatedly.   

Skyward: This is the online system that SCPS uses for grading, student schedules and attendance.   

eCampus (aka Canvas): eCampus is the online learning system that SCPS uses. Students will complete work and quizzes in eCampus. Each subject has its own eCampus tile/icon. Teachers will transport student grades from eCampus to Skyward. 

WebEx: This is the online video chat system that SCPS uses. WebEx is similar to Zoom. Students who have online classes will log onto WebEx to participate in their online classes. Most teachers will provide a link in eCampus that students will use to log onto WebEx.  

Now that you have a better understanding of our commonly used programs and sites, below are two documents with instructions on how to access them. If you don’t know your password please click on the Student Self Password Reset link below and follow the instructions to reset your SCPS password. The second link contains instructions that will teach you how to access Clever/The Portal (which has all SCPS program and apps). Please view the instructions in sequential order: 

  1. Student Self Password Reset
  2. How to Access the Portal from Home

You can view a video tutorial of how to access the portal here: How To Access Clever/The Portal Instructional Video