Credit Denial

December 13, 2019

Credit Denial

Any student who has 10 or more absences in a class will be DENIED credit in that course/those courses.  In order to earn credit for a course that you have 10 or more absences in you must pass the course and complete a total fifteen hours of inservice.  The fifteen hours of inservice are NOT fifteen hours per course, but fifteen hours total.  In other words, if you have credit denial for one course, then you must complete fifteen hours of inservice.  If you have credit denial for two courses you still must complete fifteen hours of inservice.  All inservice hours must be completed by March 12, 2020.  There will be no extensions.

Here are the options for completing your inservice hours:

  • Serve your hours in Saturday Detention
  • Serve your hours in Wednesday, after school detention
  • Serve your hours with a teacher in before school or after school tutoring
  • Volunteer with a verifiable organization

If you are going to volunteer outside of school, it must be at a verifiable location.  Please check with your guidance counselor before you volunteer outside of school.  You do not have to complete all fifteen volunteer hours at one location.  You can combine your volunteer hours at different locations if you would like.  If you have any questions, please contact your guidance counselor.